Gasoline tank, 15-1547 model


Model 15-1547
Model number 353
Name Tank for gasoline
Railroad car type Four-axle tank for gasoline transportation
Model peculiarity With universal drain device, gasoline-oil
Accounting specialization of the model Gasoline-oil
Producer Public Joint-Stock Company “Mariupol Heavy Engineering Machine Building Plant” (stamp 143)
Project number 1547.00.000
Specifications TU 24.00.6215-87
Code 1 of Agreement on International Goods Traffic P30DN
Body material 09G2S, 09G2D, 09G2, 09G2SD-12
Bogey 18-100
Number of wheelsets of the railroad car 4
Rail gage 1,520 mm
Availability of the vestibule platform Not available
Availability of the parking brake Available
Ability to install buffers Not available
Design speed 120 km/h
Railroad car tare (minimal) 24.0 t
Railroad car tare (maximal) 25.5 t
Carrying load 68.0 t
Volume 85.6 м3
Maximum calculated static load from the wheelset to the rails 229.3 kN
Maximum calculated load per unit of length 75.7 kN/m
Distance between truck centres 7,800 mm
Calibration of the boiler 66
Inner diameter of the boiler 3,200 mm
Outer length of the boiler 11,194 mm
Number of upper hatches 1
Conventional process pressure in the boiler (regulated by the safety valve) 0.15 MPa
Pressure created in the boiler during hydraulic testing 0.39 MPa
Number of boiler sections 1
Boiler slope to the drain device Available
Availability of the vapor-heating case Not available
Availability of the heat insulation Not available
Availability of the shady shielding Not available
Availability of the protection valve Not available
Availability of the protection intake valve Available
Number of external staircases 2
Number of internal staircases 1
Specific volume 1.26 m3/t
Maximum withstand temperature of the loaded product +40 °C
Way of impletion Upper
Way of drain Lower by gravity
Height from rail level 4,670 mm
Max. width 3,258 mm
Dimension according to the National State Standard 9238-2013 1-VМ
Axial length of the auto-coupling 12,020 mm
Frame length 11,480 mm
Coupling height from rail head level 1040..1080 mm
Year of starting the production in lot 1988
Year of finishing the production in lot 1997
Standard service life 32 years